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Distingo (pronounced di-sting-go) is a developer tool API for the semantic analysis of natural language. It is designed for use in applications for semantic search, automatic text summary, keyword indexing, text comparison, automatic synonym substitution, and more. It represents the latest research in description logics and mathematical models for searching. Often it can be combined with statistical models for even more effective solutions. Because of its ability to manipulate natural language in many ways, Distingo also has many off-label uses.


Moreover, Distingo is highly configurable. Supplied with our own proprietary linguistic ontology and with useful default settings, the language databases may be augmented by the user, and the search parameters may be ajusted to allow one to broaden or narrow a search. In some cases users can even choose the particular definitions of a word to search for.


Some Distingo Solutions

  • Text comparison: Distingo will compare two or more natural language texts, returning a measurement of the semantic similarity between them.
  • Semantic search: Distingo will compare a search string (word or phrase) to a collection of other texts, returning a measurement of semantic proximity (even when syntax and keywords are superficially different from the query).
  • Semantic understanding: For words with multiple meanings, Distingo can infer appropriate definitions based on the semantic context of the entire passage.
  • Text summary: Distingo can summarize sentences or longer texts, distilling the essence of complex syntax, eliminating extraneous clauses.
  • Keyword generation: Distingo can extract the principal words from a text, reducing them to root forms (e.g. singulars of nouns, infinitives of verbs), while outputting them as XML.
  • Synonym production: Distingo can return synonyms (also hypernyms, hyponyms, meronyms, holonyms) for words submitted to it.
Developer Resources

Distingo is available for analysis of English language texts (French will be available soon). It is a C++ fully documented API (that runs on several different platforms), available in two different packages:

  • Distingo Index -- a tool for expanding search keywords to include inflected forms, synonyms, hypernyms, hyponyms, and other words related by meaning.
  • Distingo Context -- a tool for analyzing the meaning of full sentences or even of full texts; Distingo Context can then match this text with other texts containing the same or similar ideas. Distingo Context also handles keyword extraction and text summary.

Distingo is an extremely powerful tool with applications in businesses and administrations dealing with vast amounts of natural language text. Learn more about Distingo in our Distingo White Paper. Don't hesitate to contact us at business (at) semantica-software.com for details.