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Semantica Software's Grammatica Spelling & Grammar API is a powerful, flexible tool for adding spelling and/or grammar-checking features to applications and web services, and it can also be used for complex sentence parsing. Grammatica is available as a C++ API, and as a fully managed .NET API. The API is available for English (both US and UK), French, Spanish and German.


Grammatical analysis tools can be used for much more than correcting errors. Our tools provide everything you need for the analysis of language in context, showing the roles words play in a sentence, and demonstrating all the forms associated with them.



Grammatica API Typical Uses

  • Spell-checking: Adding spell-checking features to an application or a web service, complete with different depths of suggested corrections.
  • Grammar-Checking: Adding grammar-checking features to an application or a web service, with explanations of grammatical errors and (for English and French) suggested corrections.
  • Typographical checking: Adding typographical checking (balanced parentheses, proper punctuation, etc.) features to an application or web service.
  • Sentence Parsing: Performing sophisticated sentence parsing (analysis of the structure of sentences, and the syntactic role played by each word). (Available for English and French only.)
  • Inflection/disinflection: Producing inflected (conjugated verbs, feminine or plural nouns or adjectives, etc.) or “lemmatized” (infinitives, etc.) forms.
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Special Features
The Grammatica API is extremely powerful and yet simple to incorporate into your applications. Among its many features are the following:

  • User-definable checking preferences (options for accepting US or UK spellings, flagging duplicate words, requiring accents or capitalization, flagging various stylistic errors, etc.). These may be pre-set in the application, or made available as preferences for the end user.
  • High speed analysis: the API can check large volumes of data very quickly.
  • A powerful user-lexicon: allowing additional words to be entered, including
    all their inflection (conjugation, etc.) information.
  • HTML checking: the ability to check standard HTML-formatted text.
  • Homophone and homograph support (in French and English).
  • Complete API documentation, with sample code for many environments.
    The API also includes hooks for easy integration into user interfaces on Windows, Macintosh OS X, VB, .NET.

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