icon32   Quisito — The Ultimate Search Tool

Let's see.... I know I mentioned mice somewhere in this document. But where? And, in fact, did I write mouse or mice? Did I even mention them directly, or was it a vague reference to rodents? Or, in fact, was I writing about a computer mouse? It wouldn't be so hard to track down, except that my document is 300 pages long....

Most search tools let you look for exact matches of a word. That's great — if you know exactly what you wrote, in the exact form, and if you didn't misspell it. But the human memory doesn't always work that way. We're much better at remembering the general idea than the exact details. This is where Quisito comes to the rescue.

What can Quisito do for you?

  • Look for general ideas in a text (Word or PDF)
  • Search only for the particular definitions of a word you want to search for
  • Find all forms of a word (plurals, conjugated verbs, etc.)
  • Find misspelled versions of a word
  • Customize your searches, allowing you to cast a broad net or a narrow one -- and save your parameters for next time!

How does it work?

All words are connected to each other — some more closely than others. Apples are closer to oranges than they are to automobiles, and Quisito knows this. It is also aware that fruits are the products of plants and that apples have skins and seeds. It knows that notes can be the same as messages, but they may also be the transcription of music, or even an intonation in the voice ("a note of concern"). Because Quisito lets you search through all these connections, you can always find what you're looking for!